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One of Pakistan’s leading Company In Tobacco Industry

Pioneer Tobacco has manufacturing facilities in Karachi Export Processing Zone, Pakistan.

We offer contract manufacturing and export our products around the globe. We specialize in different types of packets.

We are one of the world’s most prestigious companies. Only the highest-grade leaves are chosen to produce the best quality tobacco.

A variety of sizes and packets are available for you to choose from, additionally, you can customize the packaging to your taste.

We can manufacture a variety that covers a wide range of filters in response to customer demand because we are aware of how important pressure drop and flavor is.

Pioneer Tobacco also offers private labeling for the customers as well as completely customized packets with different cigarette sizes.

Pioneer Tobacco makes premium quality cigarettes by the most experienced cigarette makers, each of whom has exceptional skills, creating a truly unique smoking experience.

Our brand serves different tastes

Because we are committed to quality and offer a superior blend and taste and style preferences for all classes of customers

Our Brands

Why Choose Pioneer Tobacco

Pioneer Tobacco’s core strength is customer satisfaction and validation, we provide premium quality products as the requirement of our customers under one roof. Unlike other companies, we offer on-demand different packaging sizes and styles of cigarette packets of different qualities.

In our contract manufacturing, customers get quality assurance

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Good logistic solutions, and of course timely delivery. Additionally, we offer R&D for the customers for their assurance and satisfaction. We are a proven leading tobacco company in Pakistan which provides you with the finest quality of Cigarettes and Cut Rag Tobacco because our priority is our customers.

Our Directors

Muhammad Arif
Muhammad ArifCEO
Muhammad Arif is the current CEO of Pioneer Tobacco. He is a highly experienced mechanical engineer who has been associated with the company since 1962.
Muhammad Akif
Muhammad AkifManaging Director
Muhammad Akif is the current managing director of the company. He brings a youthful exuberance and the passion to modernize the company to new standards and grow it to new heights.

Finest and premium quality cigarettes

Quality Standard

Pioneer Tobacco is one of Pakistan’s leading company in tobacco industry, it is one of the largest tobacco manufacturing and processing business groups in Pakistan. Finest and premium quality cigarettes are provided to the customers. We are one of the best international companies providing our services in UAE, Egypt, South America, Libya, Nigeria, Kenya, Mombasa, Uganda, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, and Afghanistan. The feedback has always been excellent as we only deal in premium quality and the finest flavors.

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The finest blends of cigarette

Cigarette Manufacturing & Packing

Pioneer tobacco is the taste of perfection and has the largest range of flavors and variations to fit your preferences. The finest blends of cigarette flavors are available at Pioneer Tobacco with premium quality and packaging. We specialize in different types of packets, from King Size, Soft Pack, Nano, Queen, Super Slim & Double Bundle packets. Additionally, contract manufacturing services are also available to fulfill the customer’s requirements of any shape and size. Pioneer Tobacco is primarily engaged in the marketing and distribution of cigarettes in the domestic market, along with various depots and warehouses for the storage and aging of tobacco.

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People Matter At Pioneer Tobacco

Pioneer Tobacco knows how to take care of its customers and their taste and standards. We only offer premium quality products to our consumers with special blends of flavors. Pioneer tobacco is globally recognized as one of the finest cigarette manufacturer.

A Perfect Choice For Cigarette Consumers

We primarily deal in premium quality tobacco which purely grows in Pakistan. We can supply packaging in all forms from King Size, Soft Pack, Super Slim, Nano, Queen & Double Bundle packets.


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