Pioneer Tobacco Hollow Cigarette Tubes – King are 84mm long and have a hollow tip filter for those who want the benefits of a filter without the loss of taste that other tubes can have. PT paper is made from 100% wood fibers and is used to make these tubes.  You’ll love the way the paper in these tubes is made—it’s very thin and light, which will make smoking very smooth.  200 tubes are in each box.

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Why Would You Want the Tip of a Tube to Be Hollow? 

When you try these hollow cigarette tubes, you’ll wonder why they didn’t come out sooner. The carefully made filter makes sure you get a strong, perfect cigarette with the entire flavor you’ve been missing. It also gives you a filtered tube that you can use with almost any injector. Best of all, PT paper is used to make these hollow tubes, which makes them very thin.  Best of all, these tubes don’t have a paper tip on the end like other tubes do.  All of the paper in these tubes is PT paper. Each unit is one box with 200 pre-rolled hollow tip tubes.

Disclaimer We do not Provide Tube Filler Machines