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What Are The Latest Product Innovations In The Tobacco Industry?

With growing concern about the adverse health and environmental effects of tobacco and tobacco products, selling has become a challenge for manufacturers. Tobacco and tobacco products processing companies look for innovative ways to curtail the negative impact of the products on consumers and society overall. Here are some of the latest product innovations in the

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Tips for Effective Tobacco Leaf Processing

The consumption of cigarettes amounts to a staggering 5.5 trillion annually. Approximately 7.5 million metric tons of tobacco crops harvest to suffice this global demand. Tobacco leaf processing is highly complex. The tobacco leaf undergoes several stages at manufacturing plants to give products like cigarettes, pipes, cigars, and many others. In some parts of the

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How to Store Tobacco to Preserve Its Freshness?

Why do you need to store your tobacco properly? With soaring tobacco prices, the last thing you would want is your tobacco turning out stale. Tobacco needs an optimum environment to stay fresh. You cannot let it get wet in too humid conditions, nor let it go dry. If the tobacco gets wet, bacteria and

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