The purpose of a cigarette filter: –

Cigarette smoking is a way to relax and keep up with stressful life. However, cigarettes cause substantial health damage, particularly to the lungs. Thus, cigarette filters serve the purpose of blocking harmful elements from entering the lungs of the smoker. It reduces the amount of tar and nicotine inhalation.

The filter, also known as the filter tip, is part of the cigarette. Different substances make different kinds of cigarette filters. The most common raw materials include plastic cellulose acetate fiber, paper or activated charcoal, macroporous phenol-formaldehyde resins, and asbestos.

Cellulose, obtained from wood, is the most common material used to make cigarette filters. The cellulose goes through a chemical procedure to change into cellulose acetate. Then the cellulose acetate flakes dissolve in acetone and spin into long threads that are visible in the filter.

The cigarette manufacturers observed that people judge the efficacy of a filter through its color change. Therefore, they added chemicals to the filter to make it darker due to exposure to smoke.

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The filters come in different sizes: –

  • Regular (8mm in diameter)
  • Midi (7mm)
  • Slim (6mm)
  • Extra slim (5.3mm)

Innovation in cigarette filters: –

The tobacco industry uses product innovation to deliver a quality experience and pleasure while minimizing health hazards and environmental dangers. The objective is to deliver consistently sustainable recreational impact for the consumers. Moreover, growing awareness and concern about environmental hazards keep cigarette manufacturers under constant pressure from environmental protection groups. This has made it mandatory for manufacturers to abide by laws that make cigarettes safer for consumption and discarding.

Apart from this, tobacco manufacturers incorporate product innovation to boost sales. Given the immense level of competition in the tobacco industry, businesses strive to augment or maintain their market share by implementing product innovation. This allows them to achieve their marketing objectives such as increasing brand loyalty, and brand equity or capturing new markets.

Here are some different kinds of cigarette filters available in the market.

Flavor capsule filters: –

To tap the young market, cigarette manufacturers came up with new and innovative flavor capsule filters. The filters can have either a single or two different flavors. The roll-your-own-cigarettes also come with flavor capsules for individual needs. Menthol, fruit, and cocktail flavors are amongst the most popular ones. Having different flavors allows manufacturers to effectively segment the market and cater to the individual needs of the consumers. Fancy colors and symbols make these cigarettes more attractive. Young smokers like to associate themselves with such funky and cool stuff.

Recessed and firm filters: –

Recessed filters have a hollow section at the mouth end while firm filters give firmer appeal. These filters create a safer impression of the product amongst consumers. Most of the leading cigarette brands use recessed and firm filters for their products.

Biodegradable filters: –

Cigarette butts constitute the top environmental pollutants. Cellulose acetate filters are photodegradable, meaning they break into smaller fragments due to sun exposure. However, they are not biodegradable making them infiltrate the environment. Countless cigarette filter deposits harm the biodiversity in coastal regions and the oceans. To combat this serious issue, cigarette manufacturers came up with biodegradable filters. These filters reduce the harmful impact of the disposal of cigarette butts on the environment.

Disposable cigarette filters: –

Disposable cigarette filters are an innovative way to reduce the harmful effect of smoking. They prevent the hazards of tar, nicotine, and other substances, without decreasing the utility of the cigarette. They also do away with the undesirable cigarette odor left on their hands and clothes after smoking.

Disposable filters are convenient to use and carry. You do not need to clean or follow any specific regime to maintain these filters. They are also affordable. Most filters last for 8 to 20 cigarettes on average. A large capacity for mouthpieces allows smokers to use a single filter for at least 8 cigarettes. This is nothing compared to the health hazard caused by conventional filters. A double impingement barrier allows for the effective filtering of harmful substances. The filters come in various sizes to cater to the leading brands. There are mini as well as standard disposable filters. All you have to do is watch out for the filter, Dispose of it when you think it is time, and attach a new one to your cigarettes. The filters come in a variety of colors. You can choose according to your personality and preferences.

Conclusion: –

Many online retailers sell cigarette filters for individual needs. Choose a reliable and well-established supplier for a safe and pleasurable smoking experience.