Why do you need to store your tobacco properly?

With soaring tobacco prices, the last thing you would want is your tobacco turning out stale. Tobacco needs an optimum environment to stay fresh. You cannot let it get wet in too humid conditions, nor let it go dry. If the tobacco gets wet, bacteria and other germs may start to breed in it, whereas in dry conditions, it loses its flavor and freshness. The tobacco turns sticky if it gets contaminated. Discolorization such as white or green patches appears, indicating that it is not fit for consumption anymore. Rotten tobacco has a dry consistency. You will not be able to roll it in the paper as it starts to crumble and fall.

Tips for storing tobacco:

How should you store tobacco to preserve its freshness? By taking accurate precautions, you can store tobacco optimally for up to five years. Here are some ways for storing tobacco in the long run.

  • Store tobacco in the refrigerator:

This is the most common method to store tobacco. Especially, people store chewing tobacco in the freezer as it needs extra care to last long. Chewing tobacco loses freshness within days of opening the can. That is why people refrigerate the can after opening it. The ideal method is to put the can in an air-tight freezer bag and place it in the middle section of the fridge or freezer. This prevents the can from deterioration due to defrosting or freezer burn. You can expect your chewing tobacco to last as much as one year by taking such measures.

Cigarettes are the longest-lasting tobacco products of all. You can store your packed cigarettes in the freezer for about five years. However, its freshness and quality may compromise over such a long period. A sealed pack of cigarettes stays fit for consumption for about two years if stored properly in the freezer, without losing its freshness. However, an opened pack shall last for about six months in the freezer. Cigarettes must not get wet to render a quality smoke experience. If they turn out damp, lay them straight in an area of sunlight for some hours. However, keep checking from time to time so they do not dry up too much. Let them dry just enough to be able to light.

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  • Use a humidor:

This is the best way to preserve your tobacco and tobacco products. Maintaining an optimum humidity level keeps your tobacco and tobacco products fresh. Humidors are most commonly used to store cigars, however, you can use them for other products too. You can get your hands on a humidor from any well-reputed tobacco shop, whether online or physical store.

For superior performance, you must maintain the humidor well. If you store cigars in it, you must rotate the cigars over time. Keep a check on the distilled water or humidor fluid. Do not let the humidor run out of it. The humidor must be half full. Under normal circumstances, you need to refill the humidor about once a month.

  • Try the mason jar:

Traditionally mason jar has been one of the most useful ways to store tobacco and tobacco products. A mason jar is like a vacuum, keeping your tobacco fresh and optimally moist. The most important thing is to get the right mason jar. The canning jar is ideal as they keep air out completely when closed.

Fill the mason jar about 3/4 with dry tobacco. Do not overfill more than this level as the tobacco can get compressed and chunky. Now put this jar in a sink filled with hot water up to the level of tobacco cut-off. Do not use boiling water as it could be very dangerous. Let it stay in the sink for about 10-15 minutes. Close the lid tightly and then remove it from the water. Let the jar cool for some time. The cooling effect sucks the air from the empty section of the jar, creating an effective air-tight seal. By following these steps you can ensure fresh and tasteful tobacco for a long time. A mason jar stores tobacco for up to five to six years by using the right storage method.

  • Keep your tobacco fresh using a hydro stone:

Hydrostone is also a common method to store tobacco. This stone keeps the surrounding environment moisturized. By placing it in the tobacco storage area you can keep the environment optimally humid. Soak the stone in a bowl of water for about five minutes. Shake off the excess water and put it in the container where you keep your tobacco. The stone releases moisture as it dries up over time.

Hence, by taking appropriate care and precautions, you can keep your tobacco stock fresh and tasteful.