People in Mexico and Central America used reeds and tubes to smoke tobacco as early as the 9th century. These were the first “cigarettes.” By the 1600s, people in the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central/South America were smoking more than ever. From there, it went back to Spain, where it started to spread to other parts of Europe and changed into the paper-wrapped cigarettes that most people use today.

People still smoke a lot of cigarettes, but more and more of them aren’t buying them in packs or boxes. Instead, they are doing “Roll Your Own Cigarettes” with shredded tobacco. The next step for these kinds of DIY RYO users would be to buy Unprocessed Raw Leaf Tobacco and shred it for their own use. When you buy cigarette tobacco in Leaf form, you open up a whole new world of fun. Not only do you get to see the tobacco leaves you are smoking and shredding before you make your cigarettes, which lets you throw away anything that might taste bad but is still in most pre-mixed tobacco, but it also lets you make your own unique blends for your cigarettes by mixing the many different tobacco leaves we have available.

It’s easy to make your own cigarettes out of Whole Leaf Tobacco. The only other steps are removing the stems from the leaves, making sure that the leaves aren’t too dry or too wet, and cutting them. The result is a MYO/RYO cigarette blend that is different from anything else you have smoked. All of our customers agree that the blends they make are better and cheaper than anything you can buy in a bag already shredded.

The tools needed to make cigarettes aren’t too expensive and are easy to find in tobacco shops and grocery stores. The most important things to have are the different tobacco leaves, since these are what give the smokes their taste. If you already do RYO, you probably already have a Cigarette Injector and only need a Shredder to properly shred your tobacco leaves before shooting.